Rockstar squashes doubts and fears about GTA4 episodes, says Agent will release in 2010

Rockstar Games wanted to make some things clear about the Episodes of Liberty City so they went on to write a blog post on their newly revamped site. In a weird and complicated turn of events, this “clarification” just brought up more questions than it answered, which they have responded to in yet another blog post.

People seemed unsure about The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned coming out on retail discs as well as DLC. Will we need the original Grand Theft Auto IV game to play any of the episodes? Will we need The Lost and Damned to play The Ballad of Gay Tony? Will we need an Xbox Live subscription in order to play? These questions, amongst others, have all been answered by Rockstar so head over to their site and check them out if there’s anything you’re wondering about.

One gamer had a particularly interesting remark, stating “PS3 PLEASE, dont forget that Grand Theft Auto originated on the Playstation system (PS1).” To this, Rockstar brought forward its humble side and responded by saying that they “appreciate the enthusiasm of PlayStation 3 owners and believe us, we understand where you’re coming from.  That’s why we are working hard on a lineup of PlayStation 3 releases for 2010 that we know you will be very excited to play – including Red Dead RedemptionMax Payne 3, and the PlayStation 3 exclusive AGENT, which is a brand-new title from Rockstar North, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series.  Plus there’s more yet to be announced…  Thanks again for your patience and please stay with us!”

There’s no need to worry Rockstar, we’re not going anywhere. You won’t get rid of us that easily. However, we’re all interested in what more announcements you have for us. We’re sure our anxiety hasn’t escaped your highly tuned eyes and ears.