The Secret World comes with new a trailer, teases entry into beta

Right when you thought getting a milkshake was the least safest thing to do, it turns out walking around the dark playground was obviously the more dangerous situation. Funcom has delivered another trailer for its upcoming MMO, The Secret World. The video proves yet again, that even when engaged in the most trivial of tasks, always come armed.

The massively multiplayer game, which takes place in the modern setting, focuses on mysticism and the battle between good and the forces of darkness, also has a quiz for you on the The Secret World website to determine which of the three factions you would be most suited for: the Illuminati, the Templar or the Dragon. Who would you share the world’s secrets with? Do you have a stance on man’s effect on the planet? Do you seek to restore order? Answering these questions as well as providing your name and e-mail nets you game updates, a chance at the beta and when the game launches, an in-game item to prove you were there. Where? Right now, only Funcom knows.