Twisted Pixel’s next game is Comic Jumper

Twisted Pixel, the developer behind some solid Xbox Live Arcade titles like The Maw and ‘Splosion Man have made good on their promise and announced their new title at PAX. The game is called Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley and, as seen from the announcement trailer above, certainly seems to have that Twisted Pixel touch to it. The trailer does a fine job of introducing the characters and the comic book jumping nature of the game, but also check out the short Q&A below that our PAX team conducted with the developers on the showroom floor yesterday.

What is Comic Jumper? What’s the basic premise?

Right now, just to give you a heads up, we’re not giving away too much. We’ve never done this before — usually we wait til we have gameplay to show but this time we feel like we have enough fans that are interested in what’s going on, what’s internally in development, that we wanted to announce what we’re working on and get feedback as we’re developing the game.

So right now we’re turning to the reveal video which establishes Captain Smiley as a comic book hero that has to jump into other comics. And as he jumps into these different comics the art style will change to match the genre of the comic book he’s actually jumping into.

So if he jumps into a 40s black and white…it will be drawn.. Sin City or like a silver age… and it will totally change and connect the styles of all the other characters that are in the comic you’re in and all that.

Have you guys fleshed out what his powers are, what he’ll be able to do?

That’s what we’re all working on right now, we’re figuring out the gameplay. We have some ideas of what it will be but we’re not really talking about that yet.

And what about the star?

The star, yeah, he’s a funny character. Captain Smiley and the star, they hate each other. But they’re stuck to each other obviously so they’re constantly bickering throughout the whole game and the star is giving Captain Smiley shit while Captain Smiley is trying to be awesome.

Can you tell us how Captain Smiley came to be stuck to the star?

I think that’s a mystery even to us right now.