BottleRocket explodes, is no more

BottleRocket founder Jay Beard told in a recent email that the devolopment studio is no more, after struggling to stay alive for the recent six months.

The beginning of the end began when publisher Namco Bandai pulled the studio off of the Splatterhouse remake project. There has been contrasting reasons for the pull, with the developer claiming bad managing on of the publisher’s side as opposed to the publisher’s claims that the studio didn’t achieve its milestones, but as for who’s right we’ll never know.

After the project pull, several members of the team left the company to continue to work on the game, while the developer was believed to have signed a new deal with Brash Entertainment…which also fell through. That’s got to be some bad luck.

In his email, Beard voiced his concerns regarding the matter, “It is with deep regret that I have to inform you of the closure of BottleRocket. After fighting to keep the doors open for the past six months we have decided to close and move on.

“BottleRocket was in business for seven years and I feel that we developed a sound reputation for quality and creativity. I was once told that we ‘zigged while others zagged,’ and I like to think that we shall be remembered this way.”

“I am now in the process of building a new development studio from the ground up and look forward to us crossing paths once more.”

Feels a little ironic that just like its name, the studio went and busted. But either way, to the people of the former studio, and best wishes to them in their next endeavors.