Nintendo downloads for the week of Sept. 7

Are you ready to get rocked by difficulty? If so, Konami’s newest game in the Contra series is all for you and it landed on WiiWare today. Contra Rebirth (Konami, Players: 1-2, E10+ – Fantasy Violence, 1,000 Wii Points) gives you the classic Contra gameplay you know and love (literally, the game takes place in 1976) with the classic look you know and love (think updated retro, like Mega Man 9). If it’s anywhere near as hard as Contra 4 then it’ll be the most awesomely frustrating 1,000 Wii Points you’ve ever spent. Accompanying Contra Rebirth on WiiWare is ColorZ (Exkee, Players: 1-3, E – Comic Mischief, 700 Wii Points), which looks to be a semi-interesting action/puzzle game with an interesting color mechanic behind it.

The VC continues its Star Wars run with Super Return of the Jedi (Super NES, LucasArts, Players: 1, E – Fantasy Violence, 800 Wii Points), which is a perfectly awesome way to get a Star Wars fix and even more fun if you’re collecting the entire Super Star Wars series. Finally, DSiWare disappoints once again with another collection of mini-games in the form of Clubhouse Games Express: Family Favorites (Nintendo, Players: 1-8, E, 500 Nintendo DSi Points). It’s five different card and board games. Could someone please start supporting DSiWare in an interesting way?