PlayStation 3 sales skyrocket, up 999%

Once Sony’s worst kept secret – a.k.a. “the Slim” – was set loose, sales of their beloved PlayStation 3 went sky-high, just as analysts predicted. When talking to MCV, ChartTrack said – although being unwilling to disclose any official or specific sales numbers – that the PS3 Slim pretty much crushed its opposition “by a ratio of three-to-one,” hence “making the PS3 the top selling hardware in Week 36.” The opposition being the Xbox 360, Wii and DS Lite.

When it comes down to the big players making their “moves,” Sony has made its best one yet. With a mere three and a half months left, the holiday season is approaching fast. If these numbers we’re reading about show consistency, there’s no doubt the sales will go on at a steady rate, probably peaking at the last minute just before Christmas, giving the system that much needed boost it’s been looking for since its launch.

Despite this good news, we can’t help but imagine heads being scratched at Sony HQ, wondering where that last 1% went.