Save the Earth with jelly beans and a blob

It’s been sent to Earth from another world – much like this trailer I might add – to save it from the grasps of an evil emperor. A blob and its newfound unlikely hero of a boy are all that stand between the salvation of the world as we know it, or watch it turn into a black goo infested giant ball of evil… stuff.

WayForward and Majesco have released this final epic trailer of A Boy and His Blob, coming to the Nintendo Wii October 13th, based on the classic with the same name for the NES. Check out the trailer for all your blobbing needs, which is something we literally mean this time. You are a boy, jelly beans will keep your blob happy and friendly enough to transform itself in order to keep you going through the 40 “breathtaking levels” the game provides, some of which are quickly shown in the trailer.