SexBox, our next-gen console?

Don’t get too excited you dirty little boys and girls, we won’t be seeing this SexBox on shelves next to the Wii in our local game stores anytime soon. However, hardware developer Silicon Xtal Corporation has recently filed through for the trademark on the term ‘SexBox’ according to a leak from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) captured by Siliconera. Silicon Xtal Corporation claim to have worked on the Xbox 360’s hardware and now seem to be planning their own escapade into the gaming console industry. According to the trademark file, the SexBox will be a “Video Gaming System Console comprised of computer hardware with unique user controls which plays interactive Adult Only rated (AO) video game software titles”. Now, I can’t begin to imagine what these ‘unique user controls’ are going to be. Oh wait, yeah I probably can. But I’ll keep that to myself.

Within the trademark file, the SexBox also hopes to support “interactive adult communities [and] massive multiplayer online games” most likely in the same vein as Second Life. So you’ll be able to have ‘intimate relations’ with axe murders all over the world without even leaving the home, if that happens to be your thing. No doubt you won’t be able to pop into your local game retailer to get your dirty hands on one of these naughty consoles, though I’m sure Silicon Xtal will target adult stores for their point of sale. From a business perspective the SexBox could be an interesting one as AO (Adults Only) games are hard to sell. Convincing developers that there is a viable market for these games may be tough. But who knows? Maybe the SexBox, through a common interest, could attract more new gamers to gaming than the Wii itself?