The Lord of the Rings Online: Seige of Mirkwood details

The Lord of the Rings Online — one of the more underrated MMOs out there — is getting a new expansion to slap on top of Mines of Moria and it’s called Siege of Mirkwood. The new content will expand middle-earth to none other than, yup you guessed it, Mirkwood. The expansion is set to conclude the events started by Mines of Moria taking players to Dol Goldur the fortress of the Ringwraith and pushing them to the new level cap of 65.

One of the most exciting features being brought in with this expansion is the addition of a new feature called Skirmishes. These skirmishes are randomized and repeatable instances where players can either solo with a customized AI controlled “soldier” or band together with other players and earn points. Executive producer Jeffrey Steffel explained the new skirmish point system to us at PAX, “It’s like a new currency, you can spend it on rewards or spend it on new skills and roles for your solider.” Skirmishes will also be getting a web component to track your stats which will hopefully spur competition and tournaments between players.

Steffel also told us about a couple minor but awesome new features being added to the game. One of those is the change to mounts taking them out of your inventory and converting them into skills. Much like World of Warcraft when you first click on your mount item in your inventory, you will then learn it as a skill permanently freeing your inventory of mounts. He also mentioned that players will be getting a new bank slot accessible by multiple characters, “When you open the bank and now you have a new option: shared storage, this is account level so anything you put in here will be accessible by your characters on that server.” He did say that not all of your items will be able to go in there as they’re being careful not to let lower level characters gain any sort of advantage.

Nonetheless what we’re seeing so far with this expansion is very exciting and it’s clear that Turbine is paying attention to the successes of other MMOs and implementing similar features in their own game, thus making The Lord of the Rings Online a very well rounded MMO.