Sega hoping to announce first 360, PS3 motion games early 2010

There hasn’t been much news relating to third-party developers for Microsoft’s Project Natal since its unveiling at E3. Last week Take-Two said they were in the possession of the Natal development kits and were looking into its possibilities, but other than that they kept things predictably close to their chest. However, a few days later Sega said that not only have they been working with the dev kits, but that they may be announcing their motion titles early next year.

When speaking to IndustryGamers about Natal and Sony’s motion controller, Sega West President Mike Hayes said, “We’d like to think that in early 2010 we’ll be making announcements about both of those platforms.” Sega has something cooking for us but it’s still in the works; “We have our ideas and we know what we want to do, but the technology is pretty new, particularly with Natal, so we’ve got to get to grips with the technology and see if it can do what we want it [to] do.” And until they do, we’ll be right here like wide-eyed children waiting for their next bedtime story.