Assassin’s Creed II gameplay video is 6 minutes of sweetness

There are countless works of incredible art and wonderful literature that came out of the Renaissance. The Mona Lisa is pretty good but our new favorite might have to be Assassin’s Creed II. The next chapter in Ubisoft’s series has been aspiring for a Sistine Chapel-level of greatness, and this new video looks like it might just pull it off. Production manager Jean-Francois Boivin takes us on a six and a half minute ride through gameplay, explaining some of the new features in this sequel.

First up, the developers have introduced an economy to the game. Doing jobs and killing blokes will earn you money that you can use to buy poison and other goods from apothecaries dressed in anti-plague gear. This poison can then be used on guards to make them go a little crazy and possibly kill your target for you. Plus, you can drop coins near townsfolk or pay off thugs to start street fights as diversions. As for other new gizmos, there’s the double hidden blade for killing and smoke bombs for not-killing. And you can see how the hidden gun works: point and shoot.

As for new gameplay formats, there are optional missions that look to be pretty entertaining and useful. Secondary assassinations on the side from the main story will earn you cash; just stop by a pigeon coop and pick up an order for one soon-to-be-dead guy. And other interior exploration quests not only let you go through the mission with a strategy of your choosing, but also reward you with upgrades. Other things include that Eagle Vision will be available in third-person view, kind of like detective mode in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Also, Boivin didn’t say anything about it, but the vid also shows off the blending system. If you walk into a group of people that you can camouflage yourself in, you’ll get some white flashy stuff and a boundary of safety marked off. Thank goodness you’ll be able to hide in groups other than a flock of monks.

Get ready to stab – Assassin’s Creed II comes out on November 17th.