Break out the good stuff, new 2D Sonic game coming

Can’t…type. Fingers…full…of…joy. The above video announces a brand new Sonic game in glorious high-def 2D!!!! I know. Jump around in happiness for a little while why you take that news in. It’s coming in 2010, is currently referred to as Project Needlemouse, and it’s going to rock our faces off like Mega Man 9 and Contra Rebirth. I know we all promised not to get excited about Sonic games anymore after they beat us so hard, but they’ve changed this time. They love us.

It isn’t even clear if Sonic team is making the game, but what is clear is it’s going retro in some ways. From the opening “Sega” to the brilliant sound effects during the trailer, it all sounds like the Sonic that didn’t suck and not the Sonic that did suck a whole lot. There’s also the website for it (which we are assuming is real). I’ve been trying to make something out of the image there, but it just looks like awesome Sonic stuff and nothing more. Hopes are once again raised!