Dreamcast celebrates birthday with a new game

Today is a very special day for gamers as it marks the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s launch in North America. And as we take time to reminisce about Sega’s beloved but ill-fated console, publisher Redspotgames is attempting to grab our attention by announcing their new game for the now-obsolete Dreamcast. According to Bitmob, Rush Rush Rally Racing is a blast-from-the-past 2D top-down arcade racer coming out this October. Its trailer promises “No realistic backgrounds. No sponsored cars. Only fun, retro gameplay,” which is refreshing see in today’s saturated world of sim racing games. The publisher plans to release the game via Amazon and eBay for $22 USD, but to be honest, that seems a bit too rich for our blood. Despite the extensive list of features touted in the game, we think Rush Rush Rally Racing would be better suited as a time waster for the iPhone for around five bucks.