No immediate plans for Battlefield 1943 DLC, DICE says

Battlefield 1943 is kind of a big deal on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Huge even. But we do hope you’re not expecting any additional content for it, because there won’t be any. Not anytime soon at least.

According to producer Gordon Van Dyke, DICE doesn’t “have any immediate [DLC] plans right now.” However, “it’s not ruled out.”

But why is a record setting title such as 1943 talking to DICE’s hand in the first place? For annoyingly justified reasons we’re afraid — they’re busy with other games in the Battlefield series, “There’s a lot of pressure on the team for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 … we don’t want to stretch things too thin and and make something that’s not up to quality,” Van Dyke said at PAX last week. “Battlefield 1942 is a huge game with a lot that we can pull from. We just want to make sure we keep our options open, and make sure that the decision we land on is what’s best for everyone. We don’t want to be that company that pushes out DLC just for DLC’s sake.”