Resident Evil franchise getting movie reboot

It’s fairly difficult to qualify what the Paul W.S. Anderson and his Resident Evil flicks have done for the videogame movie genre. In my humble film student opinion, the trilogy as it now stands was average at best, making for watchable yet forgettable popcorn-popping gorefests with a somewhat bizarre re-working of the source material. I mean seriously, everybody knows real zombies don’t run. But alas, the series has proven to be one of the most financially successful videogame movie franchises to date and has undoubtedly led to increased interest in game adaptations, for better of for worse.

With the Anderson’s 3D Resident Evil 4: Afterlife still underway, it seems that Sony is already starting pre-production on a fifth film in the series, a reboot aptly subtitled Begins. Early details have it sounding much like, well, Resident Evil. An accident happens, a special military unit is called into action, tons of scientists turn into zombies, and Umbrella Corporation pretty much ruins everything man holds dear. I’ll be interested to see if it follows the story of the original game a little more faithfully this time around.