Updated / Arkham Asylum DLC hitting every platform at the same time

Update: There will be 2 pieces of DLC in the next two weeks. “Insane Night” (September 17) and “Prey In The Darkness” (September 24).

Original story: Of course by every platform I mean all three of them since the Batman: Arkham Asylum is not on the Wii. However, in this topsy-turvy world of exclusive DLC and content, where each system is grasping for content that the other doesn’t have, it’s nice to know that all who enjoyed Batman will get to enjoy it even more once the DLC arrives. That includes you PC owners, and guess what, none of us will have to wait for this free DLC!

Yup, an Eidos rep is happy to inform us all that the DLC “will arrive at the same time” on every platform the game is on. I guess Sony didn’t pony up enough to keep its exclusivity grasp on the game. As for what this DLC is, no one has a clue, but we do know that it is DLC and it is coming out next week. Given that fact, the brains at TVGB have come up with these two facts about it: it will be downloadable and it will be content. Took us all afternoon to figure that out.