BioWare really wants games to make us cry

We here at TVGB aren’t afraid to admit that, in the past, some games have made us physically cry. They made us cry because they were incredibly bad. And BioWare, developer of upcoming titles Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, is looking for the same result. Except they want to evoke tears–as well as a whole range of other emotions–with quality games and by creating content that will captivate gamers on a deeper level.

During a sit-down with VideoGamer, Muzyka confirmed that the ultimate goal for their games is to “try and make people feel the same emotions they feel in real life.” And he thinks videogames are up to the task, giving them equal standing with film and literature in terms of the ability to make emotional connections with the audience. But of course, that task won’t be so easy. To draw appropriate responses from gamers, the characters on screen have to seem real. Muzyka went on to describe the challenges of trying to create characters whose behaviors are believable in our minds, saying “That’s where you get some of the more difficult emotions to convey, of love, sadness, regret, fondness, hatred, dislike, these are all valid expressions and emotions we strive for, and they’re hard to do.”

With Dragon Age: Origins slated for this November and Mass Effect 2 in the pipeline for early 2010, we’ll soon be able to judge if BioWare was able to achieve, or at least get closer to, their lofty goal.