Sony “looking into” redesigning newly redesigned Friends list

PS3 firmware 3.00 brought many changes, especially to the XMB. While many of the changes have been favorable, changes to the Friends list have not. According to SCEE’s PS3 Brand Manager, Mark Bowles, they are “looking into” changing the Friends list based on some of the comments they have been receiving from the EU PS Blog.

“The updates to firmware don’t always suit everyone’s tastes, but on the flip side there are those that really like the changes – except maybe the friends list – which we are looking into based on your comments,” he wrote. “In fact we are looking at all your concerns raised in these pages and will keep you posted with developments as we always try to do. We really do appreciate the feedback you guys give us, both positive and negative.”

Nice to see Sony paying such close attention to PS3 owners and what they’re saying about the recent firmware update. Personally, I don’t mind the new Friends list, but I’m easy to please. Nevertheless, we’ll all be looking forward to see if Sony in fact will make some changes to it.