Ain’t no rest for the wicked characters of Borderlands

A month and ten days until Borderlands hits our shelves with the crudest humor, a buh-zillion weapons and monsters, and some sweet first-person RPG shooter action. And if that weren’t enough, there are different heroes to play as too.

The new trailer for the upcoming Gearbox title is being called a character trailer, but it seems to be focusing on the general mayhem of the game instead of what specifically each character can do. Your options for a hero include Mordecai the hunter, Lilith the siren, Roland the soldier, and Brick the huge guy. The vid doesn’t explicitly say what each one does, but you can kind of get a gist from some of the havoc you see them wreaking: Mordecai snipes, Brick pummels dudes while looking like the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, etc. Plus there is a lot of gameplay footage to digest along with some old codger talking about his planet. And the song by Cage the Elephant just fits the wild west vibe oh so well.