DLC confirmed for Trials HD

There’s no denying it, Trials HD sure knows how to get the best of us all. No matter how focused, calm and self-disciplined we are, it will have you screaming at your TV which is ironic because it has no sense of hearing nor vision, and have no feeling whatsoever. So we’re virtually screaming at nothingness.

As if the game didn’t have enough content to aggravate the hell out of us, Tero Virtala and Antti Ilvessuo, CEO and Creative Director of RedLynx respectively, told Console Arcade in a recent interview that “there’s going to be DLC. We are working on it right now as we speak.” We’ve seen it a number of times already, DLC keeps games fresh and the replay value rockets sky-high, especially in the case of something like Trials HD. So whatever RedLynx throws at us, we’ll take on the challenge… stubborn as we are.