Holy million-seller, Batman!

Eidos and Rocksteady have a hit on their hands with Batman: Arkham Asylum. Since its release on Aug. 25, the Caped Crusader has flown into 2 million homes according to LA Times. With the PC version scheduled for a Sept. 18 release, there’s no doubt those numbers are going to increase as the holiday season gets closer.

The success of Batman: Arkham Asylum and the Disney buyout of Marvel has pushed Warner Brothers to restructure the management of their DC properties. Dubbed DC Entertainment, this new entity will handle all of the Detective Comics properties across movie, television and interactive media. At the head of DC Entertainment is Diane Nelson, former top brand manager who orchestrated the Harry Potter franchise under Warner Brothers for 10 years. “This is the structural iteration of what we have been trying to accomplish for a long time,” says Warner Brothers chairman Barry Meyer. “We think it is important for Warner Bros. to exercise appropriate control over these properties, because they are highly valued assets of our company.”

Batman: Arkham Asylum has started a complete overhaul of DC properties for Warner Brothers and as mentioned above has sold 2 million copies since its release. Somebody should tell Paul Crocker that people like the game.