Updated / LucasArts’ new game is Lucidity

Update: Instead of the previously talked about late September release, Lucidity will arrive for both Xbox 360 and PC on October 7, LucasArts has announced.

Original story: The new project LucasArts has been teasing over the past few days has turned out to be a 2D side-scroller called Lucidity. A new intellectual property for LucasArts, Lucidity is a puzzle platformer that “looks like a platformer but is actually more of a puzzle game,” as project lead David Nottingham puts it.

“It’s kind of like Tetris in that way where you can kind of be looking, see what the next block is and there’s a sense of that ‘Oh my god, what’s coming next? What do I have to press?'”

In the game, the player doesn’t actually control the main character, Sophie. Instead, the player is tasked with placing pieces down in front of her to create a safe passage as she tiptoes uncontrollably through the level.

The game will come with about 30 levels of actual story and around 15 bonus levels that can be unlocked by collecting fireflys in the story mode.

Lucidity‘s is being released later this month on Xbox Live. The game is also headed for PC.