LucasArts prez: XBLA, PSN, WiiWare allow experimentation

Thanks to the presence of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, and even the iPhone, it’s easier to toy with daring ideas and take higher risks, Darrell Rodriguez, LucasArts’ president said in a recent chat.

“It makes it more accessible to experiment,” Rodriguez said. “If something does take off then we can throw a whole team at it and make it into a bigger blockbuster title.”

One such LucasArts game is the newly announced puzzle platformer Lucidity, the prototype for which came out of ‘dream week’ — the studio was shut down for a week, people divided into small groups to come up with new ideas — that LucasArts decided to take to the next level and make a game out of. We can’t quite imagine how giving a 2D platformer the blockbuster treatment would look, but the prospect of LucasArts focusing on and searching for fresh ideas certainly makes us all giddy.