Wolfenstein sells just over 100,000

Some not so good news for the Raven, the guys behind Wolfenstein: The game didn’t really sell that well. The NPD numbers came out for August, but the game didn’t even crack the top ten with only 106,000 units shipped across its three platforms. This is a decently well reviewed, franchise FPS with a major marketing push we’re talking about here, not an indie game or an adult game on the Wii. In the latter cases getting 106,000 units sold is not so bad, but in this case that’s pretty harsh.

The game sold the best on the 360 with 60,000, followed by the PS3 with 30,000 units. PC rounded it up with a mere 17,000 units. Now, the game did come out in the last week of August so these are clearly not lifelong numbers or anything, but much like the film industry no one really pays attention to sales after the first week and that is also when most sales occur.

Who picked this up and do you think it should have done better?