Dante’s Inferno gets greedy

If anything, the succession of trailers coming out of Visceral Games based around the upcoming action title Dante’s Inferno are a handy way to remember the different circles of hell. What they aren’t are an in-depth guide to The Divine Comedy, the epic poem on which the game is based. The new trailer available above does a good job of outlining what they made up or decided to ignore. It’s a pretty bold move, but this is the same company that implied prostitution just to hype a game.

The trailer chronicles in detail how the character of Dante from the game will diverge from the original. Two major aspects changed in the transition are altering Dante’s profession from poet to crusader and having him inexplicably sew pieces of cloth to his chest. There is also an almost fond overview of Gordon Gekko’s favorite circle of hell, Greed.

Dante’s Inferno blazes its way to the PS3, PSP and Xbox 360 on February 9th. I would hope for an earlier release date but that’d just be greedy.