7 days around the MMO world / September 13

Well PAX 2009 is said and done and our ground troops there did fantastic job of covering not only the good old regular games but also all the MMOs they had to offer. Since then some drama between Fallout’s past and current handler has heated up over the rights to the IP’s future MMO.

The fighting between Bethesda and Interplay over the rights to the Fallout MMO has been going on for a good long while now. However lately the court battles have come to a head and Bethesda is full out suing Interplay. So not one but two lawsuits have been issued against Interplay because according to Bethesda the company failed to meet requirements laid out by the contract set between the two.

The main lawsuit focuses on the rights to the Fallout MMO otherwise known as Project V13. The contract held Interplay to an April 4th date for them to acquire proper funding for the game. However Bethesda claims that Interplay has failed to meet the requirements of the contract and are seeking to revoke the rights to do the Fallout MMO. Interplay is now fighting to keep control of the MMO so that they continue to develop the game with Masthead Studios, which is most noted for the MMO Earthrise.

The second lawsuit surrounds Fallout games of the past. Interplay was given the right to re-sell their old Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics however Bethesda required them to run all advertisement and corresponding package art through them for approval, which they claim never happened.

It is unfortunate that there is so much fighting over one of the most popular IP’s of all time and we’re also saddened by the split in community as die hard Fallout purist don’t like what Bethesda has done and is doing with the beloved Fallout franchise. However, it is now up to the court what the fate of the Fallout MMO is. Whether or not the IP would be better off with Interplay or Bethesda is debatable. However we’re not sure what Bethesda would do if they win, do they go on to make the Fallout MMO or do the pass it off to another developer? How about this for a conspiracy theory: Blizzard’s secret MMO is really the Fallout MMO that Bethesda has hired Blizzard to make pending the result of this lawsuit. I know it’s crazy, but if it were true you wouldn’t be sad, would you?

It’s now been a couple weeks for Champions Online and so far the launch could be considered pretty smooth. It appears that Cryptic has been paying attention to the game and making quick changes and patching them to the game as fast as possible in order to keep the launching running smooth as ice. This week Cryptic patched the game with a fairly substantial round of changes for just about every facet of the game.

The patch features some graphic and UI optimizations as well tweaks to powersets, all too much for us to list here so feel free to check out the full patch notes. With this patch however Cryptic gave everyone the ability to get one free chance to change their powers around if they’re not satisfied with the ones they picked. The problem is that they forgot to add in the necessary UI changes to accommodate the change. Do not fret though because it can be accessed through the command console by typing /player_freerespec into the chat window.

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