Aion surpasses the 300,000 mark on western pre-orders

Is making an MMORPG these days even worth the effort? Sure, games like The Lord of the Rings Online and EVE Online are successful and have thriving communities. But breaking into a genre so incredibly dominated by the MMO giant that is World of Warcraft? I can’t imagine a task more daunting.

Anything is possible though, and the first step to any sort of success is a good start. NCsoft‘s Aion certainly has that going for them. In a recent chat, Aion‘s European Marketing Director, Véronique Lallier commented on the game’s western pre-order success, “Aion’s starting to achieve nice numbers, we are over 300,000 activated pre-orders in the West,” she said. “It’s looking healthy. It’s nice and healthy two weeks before the launch…It looks very good at the moment.”

Project lead Christian-Peter Heimbach suggests that the real test will come after the game is available to western audiences. “We have a strong belief in the game. We know the quality…and we also have hard numbers, as Vero already confirmed. We’re happy to say that we’re really confident,” he said. “The next thing to prove, of course, is that we can keep this up. I think there’s a solid audience out there eager to play a new MMO, so I think we’re on a good path.”