Music games sales plummet, genre still a favorite

The picture above might be a good example, showing the contrast of what we’re trying to get through here. And if you’re sharp, you should already know what that is, based on the title.

According to NPD Group analyst Anita Frazier, as reported by EDGE Online, the sales of music games have drastically dropped by a considerable 46 percent. However, the genre is still marked as one of people’s favorites, placing it amongst the top three. For short, we don’t buy the games anymore, but we still dig rocking out with what we have. Hence the old artwork for Guitar Hero World Tour above. The sales went sky high with the introduction of Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band, both being delivered with a good amount of plastic hardware to string on, hit at and yell at. This time around, people have what’s required to play the game and the need for another guitar/drum kit/mic is just not necessary.

With Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles: Rock Band now released, a little bit of a boost is likely to hit that overwhelming number aforementioned. And no matter how much plastic you’ve gathered over the course of a year, we’re pretty sure that one more piece will still find its way into the pile.