Publishers actually do benefit from used game sales… sort of

We’ve heard many a publisher rant about all the potential sales that they tragically lose at the hands of used sales via GameStop, eBay, Craigslist, and more GameStop. What we don’t hear too much is about data that shows that maybe it’s not all bad for the publishers. Call it biased, but the Director of Used Games at Game Crazy, another retailer that sells used games, showed that about 20 percent of sales of a new game within its first 28 days of release are from trade dollars, or as we in the world know it: store credit from selling your old games.

Another argument he has involves DLC, “When The Lost and Damned came out we started selling a whole lot more Grand Theft Auto IV, both on the new side and on the used side. Which, then, sort of funds people’s ability to go play L&D again…”

It’s a valid argument, but at the end of the day it’s important to bear in mind that Game Crazy and their competitors still make a mint after buying those games by reselling them at quite the marked up price, and odds are they make more than the DLC is worth, too. Still… it’s interesting information to chew on.