Video of the Week / September 13

Clearly molded after the famous vocal beating Christian Bale gave some poor sap on the set of the latest Terminator movie, this funhouse of a ‘making of’ video is without contest our fav of the week. It fits so perfectly next to the other videos we’ve seen from this Gearbox-developed title that we’re starting to think Borderlands is a first-person comedy, not the offspring of role-playing and FPS genres as advertised.

Also, we can’t wait to meet Steve. Aaeeooooo!

Tommy Lawler: “I couldn’t help looking at this and think of WALL-E on the set of WALL-E. I bet he was a jerk, too. And because Gearbox had the mettle to show the real side of working with robots in any performance medium, especially robots in the cyber realm where they’re 3D models, is never a picnic. Not only was it a humorous display of erratic emotion chips, but it was something that made it easier to support this game. It’s now abundantly clear that these developers had to deal with a lot. Hell, it’s an eye opener for any development house working with robots. Hats off to Gearbox for making such a revealing clip.”

Sebastian Nordlund: “No doubt that Borderlands has caught my eye by now. Fantastically designed, something that feels very fresh and new, something this business is in dire need of. Sequels are fine, but there are too many of them so you need to take risks nowadays, even if the idea is crazy and completely “out there,” just like Borderlands. This first episode of their web series left me wanting more, which is always a sign of successful creative thinking. In fact, it makes all other videos of this week seem f***ing unprofessional, un-f***ing-professional!”

Emmanuel Petti: “My vote goes to Borderlands, again. I used the same method of voting every single week — I want to see something creative and something different. If you can make me laugh, then that’s icing on the cake. This Borderlands video is all of that so therefore it by default gets my vote. It’s funny, it’s different and it’s beautifully done. Time to go to the store and pre-order.”

Eric Wigdahl: “Let’s clear something up. Robots being extremely inappropriate during B-roll of a fake advertisement is not new. In fact, Tiny Tank did exactly that when it came out ten years ago. But even so, robots being extremely inappropriate is still hilarious. My vote goes to Borderlands this week. I’ll take the really funny video over the kind of funny one with Comic Jumper any day. And don’t get me started about how Dante’s Inferno is taking way too much liberty with the character of Dante by making him a carbon copy of Kratos.”

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