Army of Two DLC will be more interesting than new maps

EA Montreal’s vice president and general manager Alain Tascan told Videogamer at GamesCom that the bromance disguising as Army of Two: The 40th Day will be getting the DLC treatment once it’s released early next year. But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is that the man has seen fit to tease us a bit by saying they won’t go the expected new maps route. Instead, we’re in for something “more interesting.”

“You will see a few surprises with the downloadable content. People see it only right now as new maps. We will do something more interesting,” Tascan said. “We will try to bring some new stuff. Looking at how people are playing, and not like putting it down their throat, or buy one more map for £9.99 or whatever it is, you know? What we’re seeing is the more you respect the platform as an entertainment medium, and the more you respect players rather than trying to extract the money from their pocket by all means… I think it’s a good goal, you know I feel good, I’m fine when I go asleep.”

The game’s out in January for the 360, PS3 and PSP.