Army of Two film not following game story

Apart from videogames being our one and true love here at TVGB, our fanaticism for movies doesn’t fall far behind. So when we get news like this, it’s hard to keep that grin off our faces.

EA has somewhat dismissed the original report by Variety, stating that they would be producing the Army of Two film. In a recent interview with Videogamer – apart from the one with the ultra-secret and hugely “interesting” DLC coming next year – EA Montreal vice president and general manager Alain Tascan said that while EA was “working with” Scott Z. Burns (writer of Army of Two the movie and co-writer of Bourne Ultimatum) it was taking a hands-off approach, which in many eyes can be seen as, well, non-productive. However, and here come the good news, the reason for EA taking a step back and letting Burns do his thing was due to the low quality movies tend to end up with when they’re based on a videogame. Tascan added that while the story of the film is not following the games’ story, “we want to keep some big moments we had in the game,” giving all players of this duality show something to recognize when at the theater.

We’ve seen it way too often, films that follow games’ storylines are never a good thing. By finally admitting this, the pressure is off the writer to keep it as close to the game as possible. A new story for the film might just give us gamers something else to focus on rather than have us express our utter annoyance at the end of it, yelling “Dude, that was all kinds of wrong!” like we’re used to.