Details on “Insane Night” DLC for Arkham Asylum

We’ve known for a better part of a week that free DLC was coming for Batman: Arkham Asylum on September 17 and that it would release simultaneously on all platforms. But we weren’t privy to what would be contained in said DLC. Until today, that is. Eidos and Warner Bros. have officially announced the Insane Night Map Pack, which will be available for download this Thursday. It contains two challenge maps called “Totally Insane” and “Nocturnal Hunter.” The former map will test gamers on their FreeFlow combat skills by unleashing continuous waves Arkham’s most welcoming residents. The latter will encourage players to us their Invisible Predator skills to dispatch the Joker’s minions discreetly. Both maps we’d like to reiterate are free, as well as the next batch of Arkham Asylum DLC on the way next week in the form of “Prey in the Darkness.” As if there weren’t enough reasons to play this game.