Meet the cast of Dead Space Extraction

The developers of Dead Space: Extraction finally put a voice to that terrified screaming face so prominently positioned on the game’s cover in this new behind the scenes video. In addition to featuring the voice actors’ take on their characters, their personalities and motivations, it reveals some more of the Wii-bound prequel’s story.

“This is a story driven game,” says senior designer John Calhoun, citing that Extraction has five times more dialogue than the original Dead Space. The big thing I noticed was that a large church of said dialogue appears to be coming from the player’s character. That’s right, no more mute protagonist, a la the first game’s silent systems engineer Isaac Clarke, whose sparkling conversation was limited to screams, grunts and groans. This time you get a voice! A voice that, judging by the short snippets of necromorphic-centric gameplay, will no doubt be cursing its chosen career path when not screaming, grunting and groaning.