Microsoft says Xbox 720 is not needed yet

Microsoft won’t be spearheading the next generation of gaming consoles any time soon. Develop sat down with Phil Spencer of Microsoft Games Studios for an interview and got on the topic of a new class of Xbox. “Do we need to sell a new console at some point?” he said, “I don’t think we need to right now.” There are plenty of reasons why a new system can wait and Spencer pointed out a number of them. You need to have the devs ready to go on the platform and Spencer said, “We’ll wait until everyone is ready for it from a software perspective.” Straight from the horse’s mouth, we have good reason to believe that the current gen consoles will be around for a while.

Unlike most generational jumps in the past, the usual graphical hardware update is pretty unnecessary at this point. Instead, Microsoft will be thinking of the release of Natal as the next innovational step. So even if the Xbox 720 is a long way off, we can still look forward to Natal to be our “Xbox 540.”