New 2D Castlevania coming to WiiWare

The HD consoles are getting a fancy new 3D Castlevania title courtesy of MercurySteam and a Mr. Hideo Kojima, but what has Konami done for the Wii with the Castlevania series? Up until this point it was just an abysmal fighting game (still trying to figure that one out), but it appears that it will no longer be the case. An ESRB rating has just popped up for Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth.

Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth will be the third game in Konami’s WiiWare retro revival Rebirth series following Gradius Rebirth and Contra Rebirth, both of which sport glorious 16-bit style 2D graphics.  Unfortunately details are scarce, with no official announcement from Konami as of yet and the ESRB rating description pretty much only stating that you kill things with a whip… and that there’s blood. It is also unknown who will be handling the development of Castlevania Rebirth; M2 handled the development for the other two Rebirth games, but series mainstay Koji Igarashi has been very quiet as of late as well.