PlayStation Store sales spike after firmware update

Say what you will about the new PlayStation 3 firmware update 3.00 and its unwelcome redesigns, but there’s at least one person happy with the new features. James Brooksby, the boss over at Doublesix told that their game, Burn Zombie Burn, has seen a 40 percent sales jump after the firmware update. With the firmware’s plastering of the PlayStation Store link under pretty much every tab in the XMB, it’s no surprise that the store has seen more traffic.

“We’re ecstatic at the 3.00 upgrade because not only have our sales gone up 40 per cent since the update but for me personally it’s what I’ve been calling for and looking forward to for a long time,” says Brooksby. “I’ve always been saying that effectively when you boot up the PlayStation 3 there’s a 40 inch advertising space waiting to be used.” Brooksby also says the update is a step forward in promoting digital distribution. “It’s endorsing digital distribution as a massive part of the future. This isn’t a store where you go and buy t-shirts, this is a store where games exist.”

As convenient as the PlayStation Store thrown up all over the XMB is, effectively turning the PS3 into a slick Craigslist, they really have to do something about that friends list.