Tron Legacy game confirmed by Disney producer

That bastion of exclusive videogame news, Latino Review, has unearthed a bit of a gem. Apparently, the upcoming Tron sequel/reboot Tron Legends, is positively, definitely, absobloodylutely getting the videogame treatment.

Speaking at Disney’s D23 Expo (“The Ultimate Disney Fan Experience”), Disney producer Steven Lisberger spilled his guts to the LR guys, potentially landing himself in a spot of bother. The Latino Review reports that “Steven did confirm that yes, there IS a video game in the works by Disney Interactive. He said he wasn’t sure if he should mention it or not, but he’s confirming it anyway.”

Unfortunately, Lisberger didn’t share any more details about the game, but considering Mickey’s probably waiting for him to return home from the Expo, menacingly slapping the ‘Disney confidentiality’ baseball bat into the palm of his hand, that’s probably a good thing.