Exploring the Halo 3: ODST ViDoc “Terra Incognita”

“Here’s an engine, here’s a story. You’ve got a year. Go!”

That was supposed to end up as a “2, 3 hour mini-campaign” but it went on to be Halo 3: ODST. Above is Bungie’s latest ViDoc featuring a bunch of the developer team, as usual, talking about their upcoming side-story to Halo 3. By now, we know we’ll be taking on the role of an ODST, but what else is there? How about the city? How about the soundtrack? How about the cool visor mode? How about the fact that you’re not the ass-kicking tank of a machine that was Master Chief anymore and you actually have to duck and cover to survive?

All these topics and more have been thoroughly covered by the guys at Bungie, providing some great info of what we can expect when we get our hands on Halo 3: ODST on the 22nd and 25th, US and EU respectively. You can see why people would want to work with Bungie