HBO trademarking suggests a possible True Blood videogame?

So there’s this television show on HBO known as True Blood that’s basically about vampires that live among us humans and function like us as a big ol’ front for their blood sucking ways. There’s lots of sex and biting and romance in it, along with the tensions of bloodsucking vampires acting like us regular omnivores. Sounds like a great premise for a videogame, right? No? Well, HBO filed a trademark over the intellectual property that extend to its use and presence in videogames anyway.

While this isn’t as for sure as a little ESRB ratings leak, it is interesting, and one has to ask “why?” to a trademark like that. It is entirely possible that it’d be the highest budget sex-based videogame ever made. Or it could be another crap adaptation of a television show. Given the adaptation track record, we should probably hope that HBO is just covering their bases with a burgeoning franchise.