New trailer shows 3D Dot Game Heroes in motion

From Software’s 3D Dot Game Heroes looks like something scientifically extracted from my dreams: Sprite-style JRPG graphics existing within a gorgeous, fully-rendered 3D world. After a few months of champing at the bit over a handful a screenshots, From Software has finally handed over a trailer that shows the game in action. With its retro-style character animations and charming, less-than-subtle Zelda references (listen at 0:36 and try to tell me you don’t hear Koji Kondo), this trailer is an old-school RPG fetishist’s wet dream. Andriasang is reporting that the game will also feature a pixel editor mode, allowing you to design your own custom 3D sprites.

3D Dot Game Heroes launches this November in Japan exclusively for the PlayStation 3, and will hopefully make its way to the rest of the world soon after.