Nintendo denies Wii price drop rumors

The gaming world is having a little case of deja vu. In August, there was plenty of evidence to be found that Sony was about to drop the price of the PS3 and sure enough, they refused to confirm it until they made an announcement at GamesCom. And now Nintendo is doing the same song and dance.

A Toys R Us ad that was leaked put the price of the Wii at $199 in the States. CVG asked Nintendo straight up about the price change and got no confirmation. “This is rumour and speculation as Nintendo have made no announcements on price,” said the spokesperson. “Furthermore this is most likely retailer led much in the same way retailers in the UK offer price promotions on our products.” Sound familiar? So maybe we’ll just have to wait until September 26, when Nintendo will be at the Kyoto Cross Media Experience. If they announce a price drop after all this rumor denial, then maybe we should only ask the retail outlets from now on.