Zune HD gets its game on

Portable gaming, an already crowded market, just got a little bit more cramped today with Microsoft’s release of the Zune HD. The third iteration of the music player, Zune HD will still play music and video just like its predecessors but since we are a videogame blog, we will skip straight to the good stuff.

Taking a cue from Apple, the device will still support casual games like Hexic that used the wheel on previous Zunes, but will also go beyond that limitation. The new version will take advantage of updated hardware to allow 3D games, like Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition and Vans Sk8: Pool Service. Additionally, the HD version, with its OLED touch screen, will add extended functionality with programs like a calculator and weather reports, as well as Twitter and Facebook integration.

We will have to wait and see if the Zune Marketplace is any challenge to Apple’s App Store but, in our eyes, competition is always a good thing. That is, of course, if someone other than us actually buys the new Zune – we cannot support the whole place by ourselves.