Dutch retailer refuses to sell PSPgo

Holland’s largest gaming retail outlet Nedgame isn’t too happy with the PSPgo. They’re so upset with the portable gaming device that they won’t be selling it when it comes out in October. Eurogamer reports that Nedgame refuses to sell the PSPgo partially because of the 249 euro price tag. They feel it’s too expensive for a device that has less features than its predecessor.

But the real reason why Nedgame is boycotting the PSPgo is because of its lack of UMD support. The device plays games exclusively sold digitally on the PlayStation Store, leaving retailers like Nedgame high and dry. With retailers earning most of their income from the high markup of physical game software, it’s easy to see why Nedgame won’t be supporting the UMD-deficient PSPgo.

Sony’s monopoly on the software sales for PSPgo isn’t rubbing other Dutch retailers the right way either. Eurogamer says that Nedgame won’t be the only retailer in Holland boycotting the PSPgo, while Eurogamer Spain reports that retailers in Spain will be joining the PSPgo boycott bandwagon.

Europeans sure love their disc-based media.