Marvel game properties to bolster Disney

At a recent communications conference, Disney senior VP Tom Stagg stated that the entertainment juggernaut’s recent acquisition of Marvel will help grow its own internal videogames division. Stagg stated that “there’s an opportunity there just in terms of our drive, driving ourselves to critical mass and having a broader base of properties with which to do that.”¬†While Stagg revealed no specific plans for releasing Marvel games under the Mickey Mouse label, using Marvel properties to grow their gaming branch is viewed as very important for Disney, currently ranking with merging the two firms’ consumer products and movies.

And those of you worried that the recently announced merger will result in games like Ultimate Alliance: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ass Kicking need not fret.¬†Disney intends to give due respect to the storied franchises housed at Marvel. “There’s an approach to the properties, the stories and characters that we have to respect, and frankly, we’d be silly not to respect that,” quoth Stagg.