Sega dates Valkyria Chronicles II for PSP, hits us with a teaser trailer

Sega today announced that Valkyria Chronicles II is coming exclusively to the PSP during Summer 2010. Not an exact release date, but at least we have a time frame to look forward to and a nice little trailer to watch above.

The game takes place two years after the original PS3 game and starts off with a group of young Gallian Military Academy cadets finding themselves in the middle of a civil war when the newly formed Gallian
Revolutionary Army stages a hoax.

The “CANVAS” engine, originally developed by Sega for the original game on the PS3, is
being fully redesigned to work with the graphical capabilities of the PSP. The “BLiTZ” battle system is also being re-designed to give players more freedom to strategically move around environments and attack enemies with real-time controls.

Valkyria Chronicles was one of the best games to come out for the PS3 in 2008, but was slept on by many gamers, leading to poor sales. Hopefully the sequel will keep the same great gameplay and story, but maybe the switch to the PSP will lead to better sales.