Tomb Raider co-creator leaves Lara behind, and vice versa

Toby Gard, co-creator of Tomb Raider, left Crystal Dynamics earlier this month to start his own consultancy business having done all he could with the buxom British archaeologist.

“The only real way that I can really effect Lara Croft is to be in charge of a project. More and more as I was working at Crystal, especially on Underworld where I was just doing cinematic work, the reality is the control of the characters is in the hands of the creative directors and the publisher,” he told

“I think it’s just something you have to learn to realise that there’s no one person really in charge of what goes on with a character and they have a life of their own in the hands of the team.”

Even though his creation turned him, Gard insists he hasn’t lost his passion for working on “rather expansive” games, stressing that’s he’d “definitely, absolutely” be willing to work on a triple-A title some time in the future.