Aion hits 400k pre-orders, is going to be huge

The easiest way to measure the success of a massively multiplayer online game is just how massive it is. And it looks like Aion is going to be exactly that. NCsoft, with due bragging rights, announced today that their upcoming title already has 400,000 pre-orders. This is a far greater number than the other MMORPGs opening this year have. It isn’t surprising that Aion is the most popular MMO coming out, considering the hype that NCsoft has been putting out and the straight up fact that the game looks incredible.

The game officially releases on September 25th, but those 400,000 souls previously mentioned get the bonus of server pre-selection starting this Saturday along with a 5-day headstart for the launch, meaning they get to begin playing the full game on the 20th. And surely this already huge game will only get bigger once the general public gets its hands on it.