Modern Warfare 2 gets another special edition, still priced for millionaires

So did you make your mind up yet? Are you getting the standard game of Modern Warfare 2, the Hardened Edition, the 360 bundle edition, or are you going to splash out on the controversial Prestige Edition? Well don’t answer yet, because believe it or not, there is a yet another edition on the way, heading exclusively to GAME stores in the UK.

So what are we getting this time? Well, just like the Prestige Edition, you get everything bundled in the Hardened Edition of the game, but instead of some flashy night-vision goggles to spook the neighbors out with, there’s a statue of the 1st game’s hero, Soap MacTavish thrown in there. Dressed as he appears in the Cliffhanger level shown off at E3, this ultra-premium ARTFX statue by Kotobukiya stands “12 tall and looks rather sharp.

Priced at £120 (the same price as the Prestige Edition, exclusive to retailer HMV in the UK), its not exactly cheap, but now fans that were willing to shell out for the goggles now have a tough choice, night vision goggles, or Soap statue? I’d personally pick up the statue, that was if I had £120 to spend on one game anyway.

Modern Warfare 2 hits on the 10th of November, and with all these exclusive editions, expect retail warfare to hit an all time high on the same date.