The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings video bewitches us

We are about to unleash some top secret squirrel stuff upon the intertubes with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings internal presentation video above. Considering the “alpha” tag at the bottom, the graphics and gameplay look as smooth as they are stunning. Granted, the voice acting is not very good, but we cannot expect perfection from a leaked HD quality version of a confidential internal video – the spies can only deliver so much.

The video leads us through a few of the improvements over the original The Witcher game, which sold over one million copies on PC. A number that would have been drastically increased had the console version not been canceled earlier this year. The upcoming sequel will feature improved graphics, a revamped system for day/night cycles, and includes a completely new engine that will provide dynamic shadows to allow for some of the “most realistic environments ever in the history of RPGs.”

The interactions between players and NPC’s are also displayed, with conversations offering various mood choices and in-game behavior affecting how the other characters in the world react. Not only do our actions change how characters act, our inaction also has an effect as the NPC’s will go about their normal routine, pursuing goals and their own daily routine.

Combat is also shown and seems to be a point-and-click affair, except for the boss fights. These will have the increasingly popular quicktime events at key points in the confrontation. Unfortunately, no word on whether the witty banter can be altered during the battle.